Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines: Part 2

We're on Day 6 of being snowed in. Yesterday we finished up our cards.

There is a free printable card to use with the heart crayons at The Long Thread which you can download here. But we wanted to do our own thing and Amelia wanted to use a colorful peacock so I made this card:

I thought it would be fun to include a picture that the kids could color with their new crayon so I used Photoshop to remove all the color from the peacock and included a black and white version on the back of the card.

Then we attached the hearts to the front using foam dots:

Instead of using envelopes, I found some clear bags and we packaged them up:

Inspired by some fun owl pencils found at the dollar section in Target, we also made some owl cards for friends:

You can find a template for the owls, along with many others, at Family Fun.


  1. I want to be snowed in at your house! I also love the Valentine's.

  2. So cute! Now hopefully she will be able to go to school to deliver those valentines some time this week. Stay warm!