Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunprint Kit

When my friend Kristilyn came to visit awhile ago, she brought us a Sunprint Kit to try out. I had never used one of these and it was pretty cool. Amelia had fun finding leaves and sticks and other things to put on the paper. After you arrange some items on the light-sensitive paper, you leave it in the sun for a few minutes and ta-da! You have a lovely piece of art.


  1. I love sunprints. When I was teaching art full time, a photographer friend of mine helped me treat a king-sized sheet with the developer stuff used for sun prints. We hung it up to dry in the dark room, and then stuffed it into garbage bags. My 8th grade class created all kinds of underwater fishies, etc. out of paper, and we made a big mermaid tail. Then we spread out the sheet in the sun, and quickly assembled an underwater scene, complete with a mermaid ( a girl with loooong hair, which we arranged to look like it was floating in the water, and covered her legs with a paper tail). It was the coolest thing. All the kids also got to make their own pillowcase using this method. They were incredible!

    You can also get colored paint that develops in the sun... very pretty and fun. They sell it at Michael's and places like that.

  2. I did these a few years ago. They never seemed to turn out quite as bright as I'd like though. Maybe because I waited about 5 years after buying it before I actually tried it out. I should try it again with the kids--they'd probably really enjoy it and I'm sure I have some left over. Now it's only 10 years old...